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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Concept Couples Photography: 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas


Concept Couples Photography: 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas

By Enrolling in this course you are going to get a Pinterest Mood Board with 100 Creative Photoshoot ideas separated by each idea. We will talk about using mood boards, Pinterest, and and the benefits as a Photographer. We will talk about the hundred different ideas so you can have new ideas for your next photoshoot. This course is great for Photographers that want ideas for photoshoots to have creative pictures in their portfolio.     
Categories include:
Outdoor: Those are shoots that include shooting outside somewhere. 
Creative Location: Those are concepts that include going to a specific location to shoot. Some are related to outdoor category but are more specific on the place you have to go to shoot that.
Home: Are concepts based on around shooting in a home.
Water: Are all the concepts that involve the water in the picture. Might usually end up with the concept getting in wet.
Holiday/Season: Concepts revolving a special holiday or a season.
Transportation: Are concepts that involve some sort of transportation like cars or motorcycles.
Creative Wardrobe: Involves dressing up to match the concept. Either in costumes or outfits that match the theme.
Fashion: Involves focusing on the outfit and being more fashion forward in the idea.
Special Effects: Those are ideas that involve some sort of special effect either in editing or how you shoot it. These are the hardest ideas to pull off.
Props: Those are ideas that involve shooting with a prop(s). That prop makes up most of the idea.
Fun/Creative: Those are concepts that are mainly fun or creative. These are the ideas that didn't fit a category above so you can see it as the "other" category.
 When you sign up for the course you will get a message on Udemy with the link to the mood board with the hundred ideas. 
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